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GREAT WHITE EGRET 6036 (thumbnail) BUCKY MUSTANG in WATERCOLOR (thumbnail) SERENITY Great Blue Herons of Florida (thumbnail) BABY'S BLUES PIGGY (thumbnail) BUCKSKIN BLUES (thumbnail) MUSTANG RUN 3630 (thumbnail) SUNFLOWER SUNSHINE (thumbnail) BLESSED DAY BOP (thumbnail) WOLF in PASTEL (thumbnail) INTO the MYSTIC LANDSCAPE (thumbnail) MACAW PAIR 2412 (thumbnail) THUNDER APPALOOSA Indian War Horse (thumbnail) LOVING SPIRITS ~ Color My World with Horses (thumbnail) INDIAN WAR HORSE STAR (thumbnail) THE CRUISER (thumbnail) FRIENDSHIP EQUINE ABSTRACT (thumbnail) GYPSY VANNER BATIK WATERCOLOR (thumbnail) BLUE ANGEL EQUINE (thumbnail) HIBISCUS TRIO (thumbnail) COLOR MY WORLD WITH HORSES NO.2 (thumbnail) POPPY SPLENDOR (thumbnail) MIDNIGHT RUN EQUINE (thumbnail) INDIAN WAR HORSE ~ BLAZE (thumbnail) BUCKSKIN FRIENDS (thumbnail) THE NOBEL EQUINE (thumbnail) BLUE JAY PASTEL (thumbnail) INDIAN WAR HORSE FEARLESS (thumbnail) WILD STORM Abstract Horse (thumbnail) LIONFISH 3624 (thumbnail) TREE OF LIFE HAPPY (thumbnail) OCEAN and the SETTING SUN (thumbnail) WHITE EGRET LANDSCAPE WATERS (thumbnail) ETERNAL BOND Equine (thumbnail) SUN MOON STARS Indian War Horses (thumbnail) THE BRAVE ONES Indian War Horses (thumbnail) MOO MOO MOO 3 calves (thumbnail) 5 FEATHERS INDIAN WAR HORSE (thumbnail) THREE SPIRITS EQUINE (thumbnail) SUN RISING INDIAN WAR HORSE (thumbnail) STARDUST 3624 (thumbnail) THE DRIFTER ~ INDIAN WAR HORSE (thumbnail) THE MIDNIGHT SUN BRAVEHEART (thumbnail) FOUR WILD MUSTANGS (thumbnail) SUN BUCKSKIN INDIAN WAR HORSE (thumbnail) OLD OAK TREE SOUTHWEST 2014 (thumbnail) GYPSY VANNER HORSES EBONY & IVORY (thumbnail) HAPPINESS KOI DANCE (thumbnail) THE MUSTANGS 2424 (thumbnail) 3 WILD APPALOOSA HORSES (thumbnail) COLOR my world with HORSES (thumbnail) CYPRESS TREE BAYOU & EGRET (thumbnail) HEART TWINS EQUINE (thumbnail) LONE WOLF PASTEL (thumbnail) WAITING on the CALM (thumbnail) BLUE THUNDER RUN (thumbnail) BRAVEHEART WARRIOR Indian War Horse (thumbnail) DARK WOLF ABSTRACT (thumbnail) EQUINE ANGEL (thumbnail) BLUE DREAMER EQUUS (thumbnail) RED FOX ROWDY (thumbnail) SPIRIT THUNDER INDIAN WAR HORSE (thumbnail) PEACOCK ABSTRACT (thumbnail) COLOR of LOVE PURPLE IRIS ABSTRACT (thumbnail) SPIRIT INDIAN WAR HORSES DOULEY & NORTON (thumbnail) New Orleans French Quarter Cityscape (thumbnail) BUCKSKIN BRONCO 3024 (thumbnail) TIMBER WOLF ABSTRACT (thumbnail) THE WISE ONE BUFFALO (thumbnail) MIDNIGHT RIDE Indian War Horse (thumbnail) WIND of THUNDER INDIAN WAR HORSE (thumbnail) MAGIC MOMENTS EQUINE (thumbnail) UNCONDITIONAL LOVE (thumbnail) THE CHARMER ROOSTER (thumbnail) DANCING KOI 1824 (thumbnail) BRILLIANT POPPY (thumbnail) BRAVEHEARTS Indian War Horses (thumbnail) BREAKING DAWN ~ Indian War Horse (thumbnail) WILD POPPY ABSTRACT (thumbnail) THE BAY (thumbnail) AZURE RUN EQUINE (thumbnail) BLUE HERON BAYOU (thumbnail) PALOMINO FRIENDS 12 X 12 (thumbnail) WILD TRIO RUN MUSTANGS (thumbnail) MY GYPSY VANNER THRILL (thumbnail) NEW DAY SUNFLOWER (thumbnail) RED POPPY ONE (thumbnail) TWO WOLVES in PASTEL (thumbnail) BLAZING MANE GOLDEN PALOMINO (thumbnail) KOI BLUE ABSTRACT (thumbnail) ROO ROO ROOSTER (thumbnail) PIGGY PINK (thumbnail) KOI THREE 1212 (thumbnail) FUN COWS TWO (thumbnail) BLUE MOO 1212 (thumbnail) PURPLE HEART Tree of Life (thumbnail) POWER LONGHORN (thumbnail) PURPLE IRIS ABSTRACT (thumbnail) SUNFLOWER DANCE (thumbnail) TOBIANO INDIAN WAR HORSE (thumbnail) SEAGRASS ABSTRACT (thumbnail) RED STALLION II (thumbnail) KOI & FRIENDS (thumbnail) ROOSTERS THREE (thumbnail) APPALOOSA INDIAN WAR HORSE (thumbnail) GREAT WHITE EGRET 2013 (thumbnail) STORMS CALM (thumbnail) OLE TEX LONGHORN (thumbnail) An original oil painting by Marcia Baldwin, titled "BLUE HERON ABSTRACT" (thumbnail) An original oil painting by Marcia Baldwin, titled "FREE BREEZE PALOMINO WILD" (thumbnail) BOLD & BRAVE Indian War Horse (thumbnail) SUNRISE DREAM EQUUS (thumbnail) LIKE the WIND FRIESIAN (thumbnail) APPALOOSA INDIAN WAR HORSE (thumbnail) HOLLAND TULIP AWAKENING (thumbnail) THUNDERBOLT MUSTANG (thumbnail) SEVENS HEAVEN KOI (thumbnail) BIG BOY ROOSTER (thumbnail) GYPSY VANNER in BLUE (thumbnail) GUITARMAN (thumbnail) BRAVE ~ the INDIAN WAR HORSE (thumbnail) GYPSY VANNER WIND (thumbnail) EQUUS MOONLIGHT RUN (thumbnail) KOI LEAP FROG (thumbnail) PEACE & CALM  (thumbnail) BUCKSKIN WILD (thumbnail) STARBRIGHT PALOMINO (thumbnail) SUNFLOWER SEPTEMBER 2012 (thumbnail) MYSTIC POWER EQUINE ABSTRACT (thumbnail) FEED ME ~ Pink Piglet !! (thumbnail) THE MEETING (thumbnail) LOTUS (thumbnail) CYPRESS WOODLANDS in FALL (thumbnail) HEART of a red POPPY (thumbnail) KOI POND FOUR (thumbnail) MOONLIGHT APPPALOOSA (thumbnail) MOHICAN the INDIAN WAR PONY (thumbnail) THE STALLION PRANCE (thumbnail) RED THUNDER INDIAN WAR HORSE (thumbnail) LONGHORN ABSTRACT (thumbnail) RESTING (thumbnail) MOONSTRUCK BLUE APPY (thumbnail) SHOWTIME ARABIAN (thumbnail) FOREVER FRIENDS EQUINE (thumbnail) TROPICAL SLENDOR BATIK (thumbnail) WILD WEST BUCKSKIN (thumbnail) BLUE NIGHT ABSTRACT EQUINE (thumbnail) KINDRED SOULS EQUINE  (thumbnail) SOUTHERN MAGNOLIA BATIK FLORAL ABSTRACT (thumbnail) POPPIES BATIK FLORAL ABSTRACT (thumbnail) DAHLIA FLORAL BATIK ABSTRACT  (thumbnail) GREY GHOST EQUINE (thumbnail) YELLOWSTONE BUFFALO ~ A COMMISSIONED OIL PAINTING ~ ARTIST MARCIA BALDWIN (thumbnail) EMERALD EYE EQUINE ABSTRACT BATIK  (thumbnail) BIRD of PARADISE ABSTRACT ~ FINE ART BATIK on CANVAS by MARCIA BALDWIN (thumbnail) THREE FEATHERS INDIAN WAR PONIES (thumbnail) MAY WATERBABY EQUINE (thumbnail) TEXAS LONGHORN ABSTRACT (thumbnail) STALLION RED DAWN (thumbnail) MOONLIGHT AURA EQUINE (thumbnail) 3 GUITAR ABSTRACT (thumbnail) MOTORCYCLE ABSTRACT ROADKING LINEUP  (thumbnail) BEAR ABSTRACT 18  (thumbnail) GOLDEN EAGLE ABSTRACT  (thumbnail) FLORAL ABSTRACT DAISY  (thumbnail) DANCING COLORS KOI II (thumbnail) DANICING COLORS KOI (thumbnail) CHASING STORMS EQUINE ABSTRACT  (thumbnail) RED FOX II (thumbnail) RED FOX I (thumbnail) LIKE STARS on the WATER  (thumbnail) MADDIE the HORSE ANGEL (thumbnail) PAINTED PONY ABSTRACT in PASTEL (thumbnail) ZORRO the GYPSY VANNER COMMISSIONED ORIGINAL OIL PAINTING by ARTIST MARCIA BALDWIN (thumbnail) GOLDEN GYPSY VANNER BY M BALDWIN (thumbnail) ALLURE ARABIAN ABSTRACT HORSE EQUINE ART ORIGINAL OIL PAINTING by MARCIA BALDWIN (thumbnail) BLUE ROAN MUSTANG (thumbnail) KOI KOI & LILY (thumbnail) DANCE of the WILD ONE (thumbnail) THUNDER MAGIC (thumbnail) SUN & SHADOW HORSES ORIGINAL OIL PAINTING EQUINE ART by MARCIA BALDWIN (thumbnail) CAPTURED WILD STALLION (thumbnail) YELLOWSTONE BUFFALO LANDSCAPE ORIGINAL OIL PAINTING 20X20 by MARCIA BALDWIN (thumbnail) IT'S MORNING TIME !! ROOSTER (thumbnail) BEAR the CATAHOULA CUR (thumbnail) BLUE MANE EVENT EQUINE ABSTRACT ORIGINAL OIL PAINTING by MARCIA BALDWIN (thumbnail) 3 WILD ONES ~ EQUINE ART ORIGINAL  (thumbnail) LAW OFFICER the GERMAN SHEPHERD COMMISSIONED PORTRAIT (thumbnail) ROOSTER & HEN 1620 (thumbnail) BUFFALO WATERS (thumbnail) WOLF HUNTING 18x14 ORIGINAL OIL PAINTING COMMISSIONED ARTIST MARCIA BALDWIN (thumbnail) RED WING ROOSTER COMMISSIONED ORIGINAL OIL PAINTING 20 (thumbnail) ROOSTER HUNTING 20x20 ORIGINAL OIL PAINTING FARM ANIMALS ARTIST MARCIA BALDWIN (thumbnail) WOLF ABSTRACT 20x20 ORIGINAL OIL PAINTING COMMISSIONED ARTIST MARCIA BALDWIN (thumbnail) An English Shore Crantock Beach (thumbnail) ENGLISH GARDEN COTTAGE (thumbnail) WHITE THUNDER EQUINE  (thumbnail) SWEET KITTY ~ WHAT'S UP ? ~ Original Oil Painting 12 x 12 by Marcia Baldwin (thumbnail) THE POPPIES a FLORAL ABSTRACT in RED (thumbnail) STAND by ME (thumbnail) GREAT PLAINS WARRIOR (thumbnail) GYPSY VANNER MODERN ABSTRACT (thumbnail) GYPSY VANNER MOTION ~ a painterly sketch in oils by MARCIA BALDWIN ~ FINE ART ORIGINALS (thumbnail) TRIPLE SUNNY SUNFLOWERS  (thumbnail) SPIRITS THREE EQUINE ART  (thumbnail) SUNFLOWER & BUTTERFLY (thumbnail) MALLARD MOM & DUCKLINGS 20 X 16 ORIGINAL OIL PAINTING by MARCIA BALDWIN (thumbnail) WHITE EGRET PAIR ABSTRACT original oil painting 20x20 by MARCIA BALDWIN (thumbnail) APPALOOSA INDIAN WAR PONY (thumbnail) HORSE ANGEL NO 1 (thumbnail) COMPANIONS EQUINE ART (thumbnail) KITTY ORANGE (thumbnail) CAT EYES GOLDEN (thumbnail) AMBER EYES SWEET KITTY (thumbnail) BAYOU TAXI (thumbnail) FRENCH QUARTER CITYSCAPE (thumbnail) BROWN PELICAN of LOUISIANA (thumbnail) PURPLE IRIS WILDFLOWER (thumbnail) MUDBUG MADNESS ~ an abstract LOUISIANA CRAWFISH (thumbnail) DREAM ANDALUSIAN ~ Equine Art Original Oil Painting 36 x 24 by MARCIA BALDWIN (thumbnail) GOLDEN POPPY ABSTRACT (thumbnail) EQUUS BLUE GHOST (thumbnail) DARK HORSE ~ Equine Art Original Horse Painting LARGE 36 x 24 by MARCIA BALDWIN (thumbnail) TREE of LIFE DUO ~ an Original Oil Painting Landscape by MARCIA BALDWIN (thumbnail) TRIO EQUUS  (thumbnail) WHITE EGRETS LANDSCAPE WILDLIFE BIRDS OF LOUISIANA ORIGINAL OIL PAINTING 30x30 by MARCIA BALDWIN (thumbnail) SUMMER'S NIGHT SUNFLOWER (thumbnail) Freshly Picked Purple Iris  (thumbnail) HIBISCUS FLAME ~ FLORAL ABSTRACT OIL PAINTING by MARCIA BALDWIN (thumbnail) SUNFLOWER SUNBURST (thumbnail) IT'S a PARTY !! ~ original oil painting 24x24 by MARCIA BALDWIN (thumbnail) POPPY FIELD 36 ~ An original oil painting 36"x12" By MARCIA BALDWIN (thumbnail) LIKE THE WIND ~ EQUINE ART ORIGINAL OIL PAINTING 28x22 by MARCIA BALDWIN (thumbnail) SUNFLOWER RISE 'n SHINE ~ ORIGINAL OIL PAINTING 36"X18" by MARCIA BALDWIN (thumbnail) 4 FEATHERS INDIAN WAR PONY original oil painting 36x24 by MARCIA BALDWIN (thumbnail) LILY POND & KOI ABSTRACT ~ BLUE ART ORIGINAL OIL PAINTING by MARCIA BALDWIN (thumbnail) ROOSTERS & HEN SMALL ORIGINALS OIL PAINTINGS 10 X 10 by MARCIA BALDWIN (thumbnail) ABSTRACT BLUE EQUINE ORIGINAL OIL PAINTING 28 x 22 by MARCIA BALDWIN (thumbnail) SUNFLOWERS & VINES ORIGINAL OIL PAINTING by MARCIA BALDWIN 36 X 24 GALLERY CANVAS (thumbnail) INDIAN WAR HORSE SETTING SUN ~ ORIGINAL OIL PAINTING 30 X 24 by MARCIA BALDWIN (thumbnail) WARRIOR SPIRITS TWO an ORIGINAL OIL PAINTING 30x30 by MARCIA BALDWIN (thumbnail) RED POPPY SPLASH (thumbnail) RED AMARYLLIS ABSTRACT 36x24 by MARCIA BALDWIN (thumbnail) ARABIAN SUNRISE  (thumbnail) AMIGOS THREE (thumbnail) RED FLORAL ABSTRACT 24x24 ORIGINAL OIL PAINTING by MARCIA BALDWIN (thumbnail) SPIRIT INDIAN WARRIOR PONY ~ ORIGINAL EQUINE OIL PAINTING by MARCIA BALDWIN 36x24 (thumbnail) DANCE of the KOI No.2 (thumbnail) SEAGRASS & SHADOWS (thumbnail) SEASHELL ABSTRACT II 24x24 ORIGINAL OIL PAINTING (thumbnail) SEASHELLS ABSTRACT 24 (thumbnail) TROPICAL FISH COLORS (thumbnail) GOLDEN GLORY GYPSY VANNER (thumbnail) MUSTANG WIND (thumbnail) MACAW PARROT II (thumbnail) MORNING DOVES ~ Wildlife Art Original Oil Painting 18x18 by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) BRIGHT DAY EQUINE (thumbnail) LION FISH II ~ ORIGINAL OIL PAINTING 16x16 by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) SEA OTTER II (thumbnail) SPLASH of COLOR Rooster ORIGINAL OIL PAINTING 18x18 by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) ABSTRACT CELLOS 16x16 OIL PAINTING MUSIC SERIES by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) MACAW TROPICAL BIRD ORIGINAL OIL PAINTING 16 X 16 by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) MOOSE STUDY  (thumbnail) BRONCO BUCKING an Original Oil Painting 16 x 16 by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) BEAR CATCH (thumbnail) POWER EQUINE (thumbnail) FLAME ARABIAN ~ EQUINE ART (thumbnail) DREAMSCAPE FREISIAN EQUINE ORIGINAL by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) BLUE THUNDER WAR PONY (thumbnail) SNOW LEOPARD EYES (thumbnail) SWEET KITTY SIAMESE by M BALDWIN 12x12 OIL ORIGINAL (thumbnail) LIKE the WIND  (thumbnail) BLUE GHOST EQUINE ART by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) INDIAN WAR HORSE GOLDEN SUN  (thumbnail) LADY SPANIEL COMMISSIONED MODERN PET PORTRAIT (thumbnail) GRAND PIANO MUSIC ABSTRACT (thumbnail) EQUINE FRIENDS of GOLD (thumbnail) GOLDEN ESSENCE EQUINE original oil painting 24x20 by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) BAY MUSTANG STALLION EQUINE ART ORIGINAL OIL PAINTING by M BALDWIN 18X24 (thumbnail) THREE GOLDENS (thumbnail) GREEN HERON (thumbnail) Hooded Merganser (thumbnail) RAMBO EQUINE (thumbnail) MARES & FOALS 36 X 12 ORIGINAL OIL PAINTING EQUINE LANDSCAPE by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) PASO FINO FRIENDS (thumbnail) JAZZ PIANO ABSTRACT by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) ABSTRACT GUITAR 2020 ORIGINAL OIL PAINTING MUSIC by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) PEONY on RED an ORIGINAL OIL PAINTING 24x18 by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) GYPSY VANNER ROGUE (thumbnail) OUT of the BLUE EQUUS by M BALDWIN Original OIl 54 x 36 (thumbnail) REMEMBER ME ~ POPPY (thumbnail) APACHE the WAR PONY an ORIGINAL EQUINE OIL PAINTING 30x24 by M BALDWIN ~ HORSE ART (thumbnail) MARTINI BAR ~ FINE ART BATIK by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) DANCE of the KOI by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) WILD HORSES by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) THE PALM  (thumbnail) BIRD of PARADISE 3612 (thumbnail) GOLDEN POPPY ABSTRACT by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) FUCHSIA FLORAL ABSTRACT by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) WHITE CLOUD the ANDALUSIAN STALLION by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) The RED PEONY by M Baldwin (thumbnail) POPPIES TRIPLE by M BALDWIN a FLORAL ABSTRACT in RED (thumbnail) INDIAN WAR PONY settingSun Equine Art Original oil by M Baldwin (thumbnail) MUSTANG APPALOOSA by M BALDWIN ~ EQUINE ARTIST (thumbnail) EVERGREEN WIND the ANDALUSIAN by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) SUNFLOWER SUN PETALS by M BALDWIN ORIGINAL OIL 36x24 (thumbnail) ORIGINAL POPPY ART by M BALDWIN 20X10 OIL (thumbnail) CONCERNED ~ EQUINE ART by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) MANE EVENT III BRAVEHEART the FRIESIAN by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) GOLDEN GRACE the ANDALUSIAN ~ EQUINE ORIGINAL by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) SUNFLOWER in JULY by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) BLUE LAGOON KOI 3 ~ an Abstract by M Baldwin (thumbnail) DETERMINATION ~ EQUINE ART ORIGINAL by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) BLUE MOON BULL by M BALDWIN FINE ART ORIGINALS (thumbnail) THREE LOVES EQUINE ORIGINAL OIL PAINTING by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) KOI on FOUR ABSTRACT by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) FAB FIVE COWS by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) ARABIAN ABSTRACT by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) FRIEND to FRIEND EQUINE ART by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) TAHITIAN HIBISCUS (thumbnail) FIRE THUNDER EQUINE by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) BLUE THUNDER (thumbnail) FROG POND & KOI by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) WILD TRIO EQUINE (thumbnail) Tree of Life SUNSET ~ MINI 12 X 12 by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) BOLD ~ ORIG OIL 20 X 10 EQUINE ART by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) DOXIES in a ROW by M BALDWIN ~ 30 X 10 (thumbnail) HEARTS PATH ~ Tree of Life Series by M Baldwin (thumbnail) DANCE of the POPPIES by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) STARLIGHT EQUINE ~ 36 X 12 by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) Poppy O Three by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) NUZZLE 2 ~  MINI ORIGINAL OIL by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) KOI by KOI ~  MINI ORIGINAL OIL by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) UNTAMED SPIRIT by M BALDWIN ~ EQUINE ART ORIGINAL (thumbnail) EAGLE by M BALDWIN ~ WILDLIFE ART (thumbnail) WOLF AMBER EYES (thumbnail) TIGER CUB by M BALDWIN ~ WILDLIFE ART (thumbnail) LEOPARD by M BALDWIN ~ ORIGINAL OIL 18 X 18 (thumbnail) SNOW BUNNY 18 (thumbnail) WHITE TIGER 18 (thumbnail) SEA OTTER by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) WARRIOR INDIAN PONY 1620 by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) INTO THE WEST WAR PONIES by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) SWEET LOTUS  by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) TREE of LIFE ~ HOPE by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) POWER by TWO ~ EQUINE ART ORIGINAL by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) DOXIE HEART by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) GOLDEN STALLION 20 by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) RACOON EYES by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) WAR PONIES TWO by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) GYPSY VANNER DREAM by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) MIDNIGHTS RUN ~ EQUINE ORIGINAL by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) BELOVED RED LILY by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) oh BAA MA ~ FUN FARM ANIMALS by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) ARABIAN ECCENSE ~ ORIGINAL OIL 30 X 30 by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) SUNNY DAY SUNFLOWER ~ 24X18 by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) INDIAN WAR PONY by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) INDIAN WAR PONY by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) BIRD of PARADISE (thumbnail) POPPY SPLASH ~ by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) PINK PEONY 30 by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) MUSTANG FRIENDS ~ EQUINE ABSTRACT by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) SERENITY ~ MODERN KOI ABSTRACT by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) GYPSY VANNER STALLION by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) LONGHORN COOL by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) BOLD & BEAUTY ~ AN EQUINE ABSTRACT by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) STALLION PRIDE by M BALDWIN EQUINE ART (thumbnail) PEACE ~ an EQUINE ORIGINAL by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) POWER EQUINE ART ABSTRACT ORIGINAL OIL by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) BASSET & BUTTERFLY by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) PUG LOVE  by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) OWLS by M BALDWIN ~ 20x20 ORIGINAL OIL (thumbnail) BATIK EQUINE ABSTRACT ~ POWERFUL by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) EQUUS 2 by M BALDWIN ~ 18 X 18 ORIGINAL OIL (thumbnail) EQUUS 2 by M BALDWIN ~ 18 X 18 ORIGINAL OIL (thumbnail) APPALOOSA SPIRIT ~ 36x18 by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) COMMISSION A PET PORTRAIT by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) WHITE WOLF WINTER by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) EQUUS WILD FURY ~ An Equine Abstract by M Baldwin (thumbnail) LITTLE RED FOX (thumbnail) MANE EVENT ~ An Equine Abstract by M Baldwin (thumbnail) STEALTH WOLF ~ 30 X 24 by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) WILD WEST MUSTANG ABSTRACT by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) MOOSE ~ 36x 18 ~ by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) BUFFALO YELLOWSTONE ~ WILDLIFE ART by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) LONE WOLF II by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) BUCKSKIN ~ EQUINE ART by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) ROOSTERWALK ~ FUN FARM ANIMALS by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) 9 KOI & 2 LOTUS by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) COWBOY the Gypsy Vanner Horse by M Baldwin (thumbnail) LONE WOLF 36 ~ ORIGINAL OIL by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) WIND DANCER~ EQUINE ART by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) APPALOOSA WARRIOR ~ EQUINE ART by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) GOLD THUNDER ~ EQUINE ART ORIGINAL by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) KOI PARTY (thumbnail) WIND RUNNER ~ EQUINE ART by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) THUNDER 24 ~ ORIGINAL OIL ~ 24x24 by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) BLUE HERON of LOUISIANA ~ OIL ~ 36x24 ~by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) FRIESIAN NIGHT ~ OIL ~ ORIGINAL by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) FREISIAN ABSTRACT ~ OIL ~ ORIGINAL by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) TUG BOAT NEW ORLEANS by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) STORMY ELECTRA (thumbnail) LOUISIANA FISHING BOATS at DUSK (thumbnail) SIX KOI POND (thumbnail) GREEN FERN ABSTRACT 30X24 ORIGINAL OIL (thumbnail) THE NESTING EGRETS ~ Louisiana Wildlife (thumbnail) KOI FOUR ABSTRACT (thumbnail) LOUISIANA WILD IRIS ABSTRACT (thumbnail) LOUISIANA WILD IRIS by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) GREAT BLUE HERON & CYPRESS TREES (thumbnail) FLIGHT of the BROWN PELICAN (thumbnail) RED POPPY ABSTRACT 3024 (thumbnail) BLUE BAYOU CYPRESS ABSTRACT (thumbnail) RED EVENING CYPRESS ~ ONE of THREE (thumbnail) ROOSTER ROOSTER (thumbnail) GREAT WHITE EGRET LOUISIANA WILDLIFE (thumbnail) The Shady Oak Tree ~ Equine Original (thumbnail) EBONY NIGHTS ~ EQUINE ART ORIGINAL (thumbnail) IRIS ABSTRACT ~ OIL ~ 20x20 (thumbnail) WATERLILY 3 by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) DESERT STORM EQUINE ABSTRACT (thumbnail) the GREAT BLUE HERON 18 (thumbnail) KINGFISHER (thumbnail) BLUEBELL (thumbnail) TABBY FRIEND ~ OIL ~ 14 X 11 (thumbnail) BASSETT LILLY (thumbnail) COLLIE FRIEND by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) COMANCHE SUN (thumbnail) APPALOOSA MEADOW (thumbnail) SPIRIT STORM EQUINE (thumbnail) ESSENCE EQUINE (thumbnail) REGAL EQUINE (thumbnail) DETAIL ~ RACING DAY ~ EQUINE ORIGINAL (thumbnail) GENTLE SPIRITS EQUINE ART (thumbnail) MYSTIC EQUINE (thumbnail) NOLA JAZZ HORN (thumbnail) NOLA JAZZ PIANO (thumbnail) NOLA JAZZ SAX (thumbnail) NOLA JAZZ GUITAR (thumbnail) THREE KOI PARTY ~ by M BALDWIN 36x12 OIL (thumbnail) APPALOOSA ~ EQUINE ART ORIGINAL (thumbnail) BEAR ~ WILDLIFE ORIGINAL 30X24 (thumbnail) DEER PATH by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) RUDY by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) MOMMA & MEMOO (thumbnail) BLUE HERON & CYPRESS TREES (thumbnail) DREAM CATCHER ~ EQUINE ABSTRACT (thumbnail) CYPRESS & WHITE HERON (thumbnail) GOLDEN THUNDER (thumbnail) KOI SWIRL COPPER ~ AN ABSTRACT (thumbnail) ABSTRACT THREE EQUINE (thumbnail) SPRINGTIME ABSTRACT 30x30 ORIGINAL OIL (thumbnail) POPPY FIELDS FOREVER 36X12 (thumbnail) FRENCH QUARTER CAFE on ROYAL ST. (thumbnail) NEW ORLEANS ROYAL ST EATERY (thumbnail) NEW ORLEANS FRENCH QUARTER HOME (thumbnail) PINK PIG DOTTY (thumbnail) EQUUS TRIO (thumbnail) A SINGLE POPPY  30x24 oil (thumbnail) FUNNY COW BLUE (thumbnail) DARK NIGHT EQUINE by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) SUNFLOWER DUO (thumbnail) PINK CALLA LILY (thumbnail) My Friesian Beauty (thumbnail) WILD MANE EQUINE (thumbnail) EQUINE CURIOSITY (thumbnail) SPIRIT WILD 031508 by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) KING GOLDEN ~ EQUINE ART ORIGINAL (thumbnail) SIENNA GOLD ~ EQUINE ART (thumbnail) ABSTRACT HORSE in BLUE (thumbnail) GREEN HYDRANGEA STILL LIFE (thumbnail) WATERLILIES & KOI 2420 (thumbnail) NEW DAY SUNFLOWER (thumbnail) GOLDEN STARDUST ~ EQUINE ART (thumbnail) TROPICAL ABSTRACT by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) TEXAS LONGHORNS (thumbnail) IRIS & WATERLILIES by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) MISTER SHOW ~ ROOSTER ART (thumbnail) BLUEBONNET HILL (thumbnail) MIDNIGHT RUN (thumbnail) LOTUS BLOSSOMING (thumbnail) DUST STORM (thumbnail) DINNER TIME YET ?? ~  JERSEY COWS (thumbnail) POPPY LOVE AFFAIR (thumbnail) THE RISING SUN (thumbnail) WIND STORM ~ Earth Wind Fire Series (thumbnail) FRIENDS (thumbnail) MOLLY ~ the PINK PIG (thumbnail) SUNFLOWERS 3 (thumbnail) KOI POND 21008 (thumbnail) TREE & STREAM (thumbnail) Firestorm Friesian (thumbnail) FIRESTORM (thumbnail) ORANGE DAHLIA (thumbnail) MOOME BLUE COW (thumbnail) STORMS THUNDER (thumbnail) MEMOO (thumbnail) SUNFLOWER 30 (thumbnail) MUSTANG WEST (thumbnail) INSYNC EQUINE ABSTRACT (thumbnail) DRAGONFLY KOI by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) POPPIES by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) THUNDER RUN by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) LOVE is FOREVER ~ RED PEONY (thumbnail) COW THERAPY !! (thumbnail) HALF DOZEN PIGLETS (thumbnail) SUNFLOWER SMILES ~ by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) THE DREAMERS ~ EQUINE ART by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) The TREE by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) GOLDEN POND KOI  2 ~ by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) BIRD of PARADISE24 (thumbnail) EARTH WIND & FIRE 2 by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) SHY CALLI by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) LIPIZZANER (thumbnail) PUG LOVE ~ ORIGINAL OIL 12 X 12 (thumbnail) THE PAINTED PONY by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) BLUE STARGAZER (thumbnail) The Bay Stallion 2008 (thumbnail) QUARTER HORSE ~ by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) EQUINE NIGHT GLOW by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) WHITE WIND (thumbnail) ARABIAN NIGHT (thumbnail) GOLDEN POND KOI ~ by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) COMANCHE ~ AN EQUINE ORIGINAL OIL by M B (thumbnail) GOLDEN STALLION (thumbnail) EARTH WIND & FIRE EQUINE ABSTRACT (thumbnail) ARABIAN SOUTHWEST by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) GOLDEN PALOMINO by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) STORMY an Equine Abstract (thumbnail) THE BLUE ROAN by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) SOUTHWEST ABSTRACT MUSTANGS (thumbnail) WATERLILY POND 24 (thumbnail) LITTLE COW COWLICK (thumbnail) KOI THREE by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) TWO SPIRITS ~ SOUTHWEST EQUINE ABSTRACT (thumbnail) STALLION SOUTHWEST by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) SPIRITS SOAR ~ AN ABSTRACT by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) CHANGE of SEASONS SW (thumbnail) THE POWERFUL ~ AN EQUINE ABSTRACT by M B (thumbnail) VENICE IN BLUE ~ AN ORIGINAL OIL by M BA (thumbnail) TWO MAGNOLIAS on RED by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) 3 Horse Abstract SW by M Baldwin (thumbnail) SOUTHWEST ABSTRACT HORSE by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) TWO GUYS MOOING !! A COW ORIGINAL (thumbnail) CALICO KITTY & FLOWERS by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) THE BAY STALLION by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) THREE PINTO INDIAN PONIES (thumbnail) ABSTRACT STALLION PRANCE by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) TOBIANO HORSE TRIO (thumbnail) CHRISTMAS POINSETTIA by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) BATHTIME DUCKS by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) POWER WITHIN EQUINE ABSTRACT by M BALDWI (thumbnail) AMARYLLIS TRIO by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) SLEEPING KITTY BEAUTY by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) TEXAS LONGHORN OPEN RANGE (thumbnail) STAMPEDE MUSTANGS (thumbnail) SEVEN KOI by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) BABY FACE & MOM ~ COW ART by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) RED FOX STUDY by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) MOOSE at WATERS EDGE by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) LIVING SINGLE SUNFLOWER 2 by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) SINGLE RED DAISY ~ by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) GRACE CALLA LILY by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) RED DESIRE ~ POPPY ABSTRACT (thumbnail) SUNFLOWER LOVE ~ by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) GRIZZLY BEAR at ROCK CREEK (thumbnail) DOWN on the FARM ROOSTER & CHICKEN (thumbnail) DOWN on the FARM ROOSTER & CHICKEN (thumbnail) LIVING SINGLE ~ SUNFLOWER by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) OPEN RANGE LONGHORNS (thumbnail) TRIPTYCH EQUINE ABSTRACT (thumbnail) DARK of NIGHT WOLF ~ by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) WATERLILIES by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) WATERLILY & KOI 2 by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) DOWN on the FARM ROOSTER & CHICKEN (thumbnail) FRIESIAN BLACK by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) FRIENDS ALWAYS (thumbnail) EARLY MORNING FRENCH QUARTER (thumbnail) LOTUS & KOI 2 (thumbnail) LOTUS & KOI (thumbnail) MARE & COLT FIRST POND (thumbnail) SUNDANCE & MOONBEAM 3 ~ by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) SUNDANCE & MOONBEAM No.2 by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) SUNDANCE & MOONBEAM by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) SWEET MAGNOLIAS by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) FRENCH QUARTER CAFE ROYALE (thumbnail) BEAR MOUNTAIN by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) MY PUG PUPPY by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) 4 PEAR BATIK ~ ORIGINAL on CANVAS (thumbnail) LITTLE BROWN COWS by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) THE BOLD ~ equine art by M Baldwin (thumbnail) HAPPINESS by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) THE BRAVE by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) RED FOX FOXY by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) GOLDEN EAGLE by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) BUFFALO BOLD by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) THE BEAUTY by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) EQUINE ABSTRACT BEYOND by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) Quiet Time By M Baldwin (thumbnail) ROOSTER TAIL by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) The Magic Three by M Baldwin (thumbnail) 3KOI by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) NEW ORLEANS BALCONY & VINES (thumbnail) POWER of FIVE by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) WATERLILY & BUD ~Abstract Technique By M (thumbnail) KITTY at WINDOW by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) FOUR PEARS by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) BLUE HYDRANGEA CASCADING (thumbnail) MISTY WATER WATERLILIES by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) EQUINE BLAZE by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) EIGHT POPPIES by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) AUTUMN BRANCH LAKESHORE (thumbnail) SHUTTERS & VINES by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) HE is the VINE II ~ by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) MUSTANG POWER WILD by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) LONE OAK LANDSCAPE by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) ELEGANT CALLALILY (thumbnail) POWER OF SIX by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) HERE KITTY KITTY by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) BLUE LAGOON KOI 3 by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) HE is the VINE ~ by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) TUSCAN GARDEN GATE by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) PURPLE IRIS ABSTRACT (thumbnail) DAHLIA LOVE by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) ASPEN TREES & WOLF by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) ALONE at SHORE  by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) POWERFUL by M BALDWIN ~ JULY 20TH (thumbnail) NEW ORLEANS COURTYARD (thumbnail) GOLDEN LAGOON KOI by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) BLUE LAGOON KOI by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) ABSTRACT GARDEN BULBS (thumbnail) HOWDY ROOSTER by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) MOO ME COW by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) LAKE FOREST HILLS by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) SOUTHERN MAGNOLIAS by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) RED GERANIUMS 1620 by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) BIRD of PARADISE by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) GREEN TREE RED by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) PEARS on GOLD ~ by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) 3 MUSTANG ABSTRACT by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) POPPY FIELD of JOY (thumbnail) WATERLILY POND 18 (thumbnail) TWO WATERLILIES (thumbnail) ROO ROOSTER PROUD (thumbnail) ROOSTER COCK OF THE WALK (thumbnail) CALF (thumbnail) GOLDEN RUN EQUINE ABSTRACT (thumbnail) WATERLILY & 2 KOI by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) MOO MOO (thumbnail) OPEN RANGE by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) BABY (thumbnail) MOOSE at DAYBREAK (thumbnail) RED GERBERA DAISY STEM (thumbnail) THREE LONGHORNS (thumbnail) MY DIRTY LITTLE PIGS (thumbnail) THUNDER WIND ~An Equine Abstract (thumbnail) LEMON BOWL (thumbnail) SUNFLOWER 1818 615 (thumbnail) ROOSTER 1216 (thumbnail) OAK SUNSET ~ TREE of LIFE by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) JAZZ PIANO 2 NEW ORLEANS MUSIC (thumbnail) NEW ORLEANS BALCONIES (thumbnail) MAGNOLIAS (thumbnail) GOLDEN EQUINE ABSTRACT by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) MARE & STALLION (thumbnail) STALLION (thumbnail) MY GYPSY by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) BEAR at RIVERS EDGE (thumbnail) NINE KOI (thumbnail) WILD POPPIES (thumbnail) SUNFLOWER DAWNING (thumbnail) RED DAHLIA by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) GREY WOLF (thumbnail) WILD MUSTANGS (thumbnail) BEAR by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) GUITAR MAN by M BALDWIN ~ MAY 19 (thumbnail) ABSTRACT EQUINE THREE (thumbnail) JAZZ PIANO by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) BLUES MAN by M BALDWIN ~ MAY 16 (thumbnail) TEXAS LONGHORN by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) 3 MUSTANGS by M BALDWIN ~ MAY 14 (thumbnail) KOI POND & WATERLILY (thumbnail) STORMY 2 ~ AN EQUINE ABSTRACT (thumbnail) MINI TABBY with SMALL EASEL (thumbnail) EQUINE ABSTRACT BLUE FOUR (thumbnail) SWEET WENSLEYDALES by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) SERENITY by M BALDWIN ~ MAY 3 (thumbnail) EQUINE POWER ~ by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) MY PINK PIG ~ For Good Luck by M Baldwin (thumbnail) SWEET KITTY BUTTERFLY (thumbnail) REFLECTIONS on A WATERLILY POND (thumbnail) THUNDER ROLLS ~ EQUINE ABSTRACT (thumbnail) GOLDEN SOLITUDE (thumbnail) HORSE TAILS (thumbnail) TREE of LIFE XII (thumbnail) WRONG WAY KOI ~ A FUN ORIGINAL OIL (thumbnail) HEREFORD BABY (thumbnail) A BOY & HIS DOG (thumbnail) SNOW LEOPARD by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) SPIRIT EAGLE by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) My Garden Hibiscus (thumbnail) SANDPIPERS on the BEACH (thumbnail) ROOSTER 30 (thumbnail) BUTTERFLY ABSTRACT (thumbnail) French Quarter Morning (thumbnail) CYPRESS TREES (thumbnail) WHITE DAISY (thumbnail) TIGERLILY (thumbnail) TREE OF LIFE IX (thumbnail) AUTUMN on the LAKE (thumbnail) STARDUST ~ BATIK (thumbnail) SUNBURST SUNFLOWER (thumbnail) TUSCANY PEAR ROW (thumbnail) SIX KOI (thumbnail) REDBUD TREES (thumbnail) SLEEPY & NOT ME ! (thumbnail) POPPY DANCE (thumbnail) RAINBOW HIBISCUS (thumbnail) TREE OF LIFE VIII (thumbnail) TUSCANY SUNFLOWERS II (thumbnail) MISTER ROOSTER (thumbnail) KOI FUN BATIK (thumbnail) EQUUS TRIO ~ BATIK ON CANVAS (thumbnail) WINDY (thumbnail) SWEET KITTY DALILAH (thumbnail) SUNFLOWERS in a TUSCAN VASE (thumbnail) WHITE PEONY & RED (thumbnail) KOI KOI KOI POND (thumbnail) SPIRIT THUNDER ~ Equine Art Original (thumbnail) INTO THE LIGHT ~ A NEW ORIGINAL FEB 15 b (thumbnail) Tree of Life Series ~ PurpleRain (thumbnail) Waterlily Pond in BLUE ~ Daily painting (thumbnail) FOXY the RED FOX (thumbnail) ELK 2007 (thumbnail) LONGHORN ABSTRACT by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) TULIP ABSTRACT ~ 36 (thumbnail) PRIZE CALF (thumbnail) GOOD MORNING (thumbnail) Red Sky Tree of Life (thumbnail) Pink Gerbera Daisy (thumbnail) KOI DREAMERS (thumbnail) Pretty In Pink ~ A New Abstract Floral (thumbnail) BLUE WATERS LILY POND (thumbnail) HEREFORD (thumbnail) POPPY THREE (thumbnail) LOVE is in the AIR (thumbnail) RED GERBERA JANUARY (thumbnail) NEW MOO (thumbnail) COW TALES I (thumbnail) KOI TOY (thumbnail) STILL WATERS (thumbnail) PEARS & STRIPES (thumbnail) PRETTY POPPIES (thumbnail) SPRING PEONY (thumbnail) MR BIG SHOT (thumbnail) ARABIAN NIGHTS (thumbnail) Beneath the Golden Poppies (thumbnail) OLD TREE GOLDEN (thumbnail) BIG SHOT ROOSTER (thumbnail) CURLY COW (thumbnail) MUNCHIES (thumbnail) SON OF MIDNIGHTSUN (thumbnail) MIDNIGHTSUN ~AN ORIGINAL BATIK ON CANVAS (thumbnail) WOLF IN WINTER (thumbnail) TREE OF LIFE BATIK IV (thumbnail) LONGHORN 125 (thumbnail) MUSTANG THUNDER (thumbnail) MUSTANG THUNDER II (thumbnail) SNOW BEAR 6 (thumbnail) PEONY IN BLUE (thumbnail) TREE OF LIFE III - BIRTH (thumbnail) BATIK LILY (thumbnail) GERBERA DAISY 28 (thumbnail) PRETTY PANSIES (thumbnail) PEACHES BATIK I (thumbnail) PINK LILY (thumbnail) TREE OF LIFE BATIK (thumbnail) WHITE DAISY PRISM (thumbnail) KOI KOI KOI (thumbnail) PEEK A BOO (thumbnail) AMARYLLIS 06 (thumbnail) LITTLE WARRIOR PONY (thumbnail) BLUE HAPPY COW (thumbnail) TREE OF LIFE II (thumbnail) AUTUMN BRANCH (thumbnail) THUNDER IV (thumbnail) A CLOUDY DAY (thumbnail) BEST FRIENDS (thumbnail) COW 1818 (thumbnail) COW COW (thumbnail) TREE OF LIFE (thumbnail) EQUINE TRIO (thumbnail) POINSETTIA BATIK (thumbnail) BUTTERFLY (thumbnail) PEARS THREE (thumbnail) MOSSY BAYOU (thumbnail) WHITE DAISY II (thumbnail) THUNDER II (thumbnail) BATIK PEARS 01 (thumbnail) The Arabian Stallion (thumbnail) BIG ROOSTER 22 (thumbnail) SUNFLOWERS 36 (thumbnail) THE RED DAHLIA (thumbnail) GARDEN WALKWAY (thumbnail) RESTING BUFFALO (thumbnail) MY 2 FAT COWS (thumbnail) 57 CHEVY CLASSIC (thumbnail) BLUE MOON (thumbnail) MY FAT CAT 2 (thumbnail) A TUSCANY WINDOW (thumbnail) BIG BOY (thumbnail) MUSTANG STAMPEDE (thumbnail) LOVE LOVE (thumbnail) SOUTHERN MAGNOLIA 3612 (thumbnail) KOI WATERS (thumbnail) BIG ROOSTER (thumbnail) WESLEY (thumbnail) MY FAT COW (thumbnail) MY FAT CAT (thumbnail) WARRIORS 2 (thumbnail) SIMPLICITY (thumbnail) SWEET DREAMS (thumbnail) Dark Bay Stallion (thumbnail) VIOLETS (thumbnail) SOUTHWEST SPIRIT HORSES (thumbnail) WINTER WOLF (thumbnail) KOI TWIRL KOI (thumbnail) Golden Red (thumbnail) Rooster Row (thumbnail) SUNFLOWERS 06 (thumbnail) WARRIORS (thumbnail) RAINBOW HYDRANGEA (thumbnail) WIND (thumbnail) KOI QUAD (thumbnail) YELLOW (thumbnail) ELK (thumbnail) CALLI CAT (thumbnail) WHITE DAISY (thumbnail) EQUUS BOLD & FREE (thumbnail) BLUE HYDRANGEA (thumbnail) BUFFALO MYSTIC (thumbnail) Waterlily Pond & Koi (thumbnail) WILD EYES (thumbnail) PET PORTRAIT BOXERS (thumbnail) STALLION SOUTHWEST (thumbnail) LITTLE COW (thumbnail) PALOMINOS (thumbnail) EQUUS (thumbnail) DALMATION (thumbnail) PUG (thumbnail) SPIRIT SOUTHWEST 2 (thumbnail) SPIRIT SOUTHWEST (thumbnail) SOUTHERN MAGNOLIA V (thumbnail) MY GARDEN SWING (thumbnail) MY GARDEN GATE (thumbnail) RED FOX SLY (thumbnail) A BRIGHT DAY (thumbnail) RUNNING FREE (thumbnail) WESLEYDALE SHEEP (thumbnail) SWEET THOUGHTS (thumbnail) ASIAN DRESS (thumbnail) OLD OAK TREE (thumbnail) My Jersey Cow (thumbnail) SUMMERTIME II (thumbnail) SPIRIT AFFECTION (thumbnail) DEVINE (thumbnail) POPPY RED POPPY (thumbnail) GOLDEN PATH (thumbnail) SUMMERTIME (thumbnail) SUMMER (thumbnail) LAVENDAR DAISY (thumbnail) FLOWER POTS (thumbnail) RED HIBISCUS III (thumbnail) RED DAISY IV (thumbnail) RED FOX SUNSET (thumbnail) WAITING (thumbnail) 4 PEARS (thumbnail) SEVEN KOI (thumbnail) TULIP BLOSSOM ABSTRACT (thumbnail) WILD HORSE FIVE (thumbnail) Big Pig (thumbnail) Mystic Wolf (thumbnail) SUMMERTIME TREE (thumbnail) SUNSET TREE (thumbnail) AUTUMN TREE (thumbnail) KITTY ON A TUSCAN WINDOW SILL (thumbnail) HOLLAND ROW HOUSES (thumbnail) HORSE (thumbnail) THREE HORSE RUN (thumbnail) WOLVES INTO THE NIGHT (thumbnail) COW (thumbnail) LITTLE LOST SHEEP (thumbnail) KOI POOL (thumbnail) WESTERN RUN (thumbnail) FOX AND A LADYBUG (thumbnail) TWO WOLVES (thumbnail) BUTTERFLY ABSTRACT (thumbnail) My Garden Path (thumbnail) OLD TREE SOUTHWEST (thumbnail) Swish Swirl Koi (thumbnail) ARABIANS SOUTHWEST (thumbnail) FLAME POPPY ABSTRACT (thumbnail) HORSEBACK (thumbnail) PLANTATION PATH (thumbnail) Red Fox Sly (thumbnail) Four Koi (thumbnail) 4 HORSES (thumbnail) THREE POPPIES (thumbnail) Two White Horses (thumbnail) ABSTRACT STALLION (thumbnail) MY TWO CALVES (thumbnail) The Spirit Pony (thumbnail) Great White Egrets (thumbnail) Golden Brown Bear (thumbnail) Splish Splash Koi (thumbnail) IN A GOLDEN FIELD (thumbnail) WOLF RETREAT (thumbnail) BUCK (thumbnail) WINTER WOLF (thumbnail) EGRET AMONG THE CYPRESS (thumbnail) RED FOX 2006 NO.1 (thumbnail) RED FOX 2006 NO.2 (thumbnail) WOLF AT SUNSET (thumbnail) CORVETTE CLASSIC II (thumbnail) WOLF LOVE (thumbnail) ABSTRACT OLD TREE (thumbnail) CYPRESS BAYOU (thumbnail) SUNFLOWER 2006 (thumbnail) SPIRIT XI (thumbnail) SUNKISSED (thumbnail) TEXAS LONGHORN II (thumbnail) ARCTIC FOX (thumbnail) COW FUN (thumbnail) BAA BAA X2 (thumbnail) SPIRIT EQUINE EYE (thumbnail) THE PALEST DAHLIA (thumbnail) AMARYLLIS (thumbnail) Thierry Perez - A Commissioned Portrait (thumbnail) THE CORVETTE (thumbnail) THE COVE (thumbnail) SPIRIT V (thumbnail) DAHLIA TWO (thumbnail) PEARS 3 (thumbnail) WINTER WOLF (thumbnail) ABSTRACT BOAT (thumbnail) RED POPPIES II (thumbnail) TUSCANY AND POPPIES (thumbnail) SUNFLOWER ONE (thumbnail) ROOSTER & HEN (thumbnail) MUSTANGS III (thumbnail) HAPPY COW (thumbnail) GRIZZZZLY (thumbnail) NIGHT WOLF (thumbnail) RED FOX III (thumbnail) PINK EARS (thumbnail) SNOW BUNNY (thumbnail) CHIMPS (thumbnail) MR. ROO (thumbnail) CHAMP (thumbnail) DANCING DAISIES (thumbnail) A SENSUAL ROSE (thumbnail) BEAR BY M BALDWIN (thumbnail) BULL MOOSE (thumbnail) INTO A TUSCANY GARDEN (thumbnail) PINK GERBERA DAISIES (thumbnail) My Front Porch Pooch (thumbnail) A TUSCANY FRONT PORCH (thumbnail) NEW ORLEANS FRENCH QUARTER BALCONY (thumbnail) SPIRIT (thumbnail) FIREPOPPY (thumbnail) TULIP SWAY (thumbnail) TULIP ABSTRACT (thumbnail) WHITE BUFFALO (thumbnail) PINK PEONY (thumbnail) THE RED POPPIES (thumbnail) THE DIRTY HALF DOZEN (thumbnail) SPIRIT ARABIAN (thumbnail) Glowing Lotus (thumbnail) Pear Shadows Three (thumbnail) REMEMBRANCE (thumbnail) NEW ORLEANS FRENCH QUARTER GATE (thumbnail) RED DAZZLE (thumbnail) Sweet Kitty Siamese II (thumbnail) Abstract Poppy (thumbnail) Spirit Shadow (thumbnail) Red Thrill (thumbnail) Tiger Lily (thumbnail) Red Tree II (thumbnail) POPPY FEVER (thumbnail) SWEET KITTY TABATHA (thumbnail) SWEET KITTY SIAMESE (thumbnail) SWEET KITTY CALLIE (thumbnail) DAHLIA SWEET DAHLIA (thumbnail) THE GOOD, THE BAD, AND THE UGLY (thumbnail) THREE PALS (thumbnail) FALL TREE LANDSCAPE (thumbnail) A FRENCH QUARTER COURTYARD (thumbnail) A FRENCH QUARTER BALCONY (thumbnail) IN THE COOL OF THE SHADE (thumbnail)
THE BRAVE by M BALDWIN (large view)


24" H x 36" W
Price: $1250.00