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LIONFISH 3624 (thumbnail) WHITE EGRET LANDSCAPE WATERS (thumbnail) LONE WOLF PASTEL (thumbnail) FOUR WILD MUSTANGS (thumbnail) RED FOX ROWDY (thumbnail) DARK WOLF ABSTRACT (thumbnail) THE WISE ONE BUFFALO (thumbnail) POWER LONGHORN (thumbnail) MACAW TROPICAL BIRD ORIGINAL OIL PAINTING 16 X 16 by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) LION FISH II ~ ORIGINAL OIL PAINTING 16x16 by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) GREAT WHITE EGRET LOUISIANA WILDLIFE (thumbnail) WHITE BUFFALO (thumbnail) Great White Egrets (thumbnail) BUTTERFLY ABSTRACT (thumbnail) Mystic Wolf (thumbnail) MACAW PARROT II (thumbnail) WOLF ABSTRACT 20x20 ORIGINAL OIL PAINTING COMMISSIONED ARTIST MARCIA BALDWIN (thumbnail) GOLDEN EAGLE ABSTRACT  (thumbnail) BEAR ABSTRACT 18  (thumbnail) RED FOX II (thumbnail) RED FOX I (thumbnail) BROWN PELICAN of LOUISIANA (thumbnail) SNOW LEOPARD EYES (thumbnail) MORNING DOVES ~ Wildlife Art Original Oil Painting 18x18 by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) LEOPARD by M BALDWIN ~ ORIGINAL OIL 18 X 18 (thumbnail) WHITE TIGER 18 (thumbnail) SEA OTTER by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) TWO WOLVES in PASTEL (thumbnail) RACOON EYES by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) STEALTH WOLF ~ 30 X 24 by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) BLUE HERON & CYPRESS TREES (thumbnail) CYPRESS & WHITE HERON (thumbnail) MOOSE at WATERS EDGE by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) DARK of NIGHT WOLF ~ by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) RESTING BUFFALO (thumbnail) BEAR at RIVERS EDGE (thumbnail) GRIZZLY BEAR at ROCK CREEK (thumbnail) TIMBER WOLF ABSTRACT (thumbnail) BEAR by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) SNOW LEOPARD by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) FOXY the RED FOX (thumbnail) WOLF IN WINTER (thumbnail) LONGHORN 125 (thumbnail) SNOW BEAR 6 (thumbnail) MOOSE at DAYBREAK (thumbnail) WINTER WOLF (thumbnail) BUFFALO MYSTIC (thumbnail) WILD EYES (thumbnail) ELK (thumbnail) RED FOX SLY (thumbnail) WAITING (thumbnail) Big Pig (thumbnail) WOLVES INTO THE NIGHT (thumbnail) TWO WOLVES (thumbnail) Red Fox Sly (thumbnail) Golden Brown Bear (thumbnail) WOLF RETREAT (thumbnail) BUCK (thumbnail) WOLF AT SUNSET (thumbnail) EGRET AMONG THE CYPRESS (thumbnail) RED FOX 2006 NO.2 (thumbnail) RED FOX 2006 NO.1 (thumbnail) WOLF LOVE (thumbnail) ARCTIC FOX (thumbnail) WINTER WOLF (thumbnail) GRIZZZZLY (thumbnail) NIGHT WOLF (thumbnail) RED FOX III (thumbnail) SNOW BUNNY (thumbnail) BULL MOOSE (thumbnail) CHIMPS (thumbnail) BEAR BY M BALDWIN (thumbnail) WOLF (thumbnail) Buffalo II (thumbnail) Red Fox (thumbnail) Two Little Goats (thumbnail) IN THE COOL OF THE SHADE (thumbnail) ASPEN TREES & WOLF by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) GOLDEN EAGLE by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) BATHTIME DUCKS by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) RED FOX STUDY by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) the GREAT BLUE HERON 18 (thumbnail) KINGFISHER (thumbnail) LITTLE RED FOX (thumbnail) MOOSE ~ 36x 18 ~ by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) BUFFALO YELLOWSTONE ~ WILDLIFE ART by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) LONE WOLF II by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) LONE WOLF 36 ~ ORIGINAL OIL by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) BLUE HERON of LOUISIANA ~ OIL ~ 36x24 ~by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) THE NESTING EGRETS ~ Louisiana Wildlife (thumbnail) GREAT BLUE HERON & CYPRESS TREES (thumbnail) FLIGHT of the BROWN PELICAN (thumbnail) DEER PATH by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) BEAR ~ WILDLIFE ORIGINAL 30X24 (thumbnail) OWLS by M BALDWIN ~ 20x20 ORIGINAL OIL (thumbnail) WHITE WOLF WINTER by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) TIGER CUB by M BALDWIN ~ WILDLIFE ART (thumbnail) SNOW BUNNY 18 (thumbnail) WOLF AMBER EYES (thumbnail) GREEN HERON (thumbnail) Hooded Merganser (thumbnail) EAGLE by M BALDWIN ~ WILDLIFE ART (thumbnail) MUDBUG MADNESS ~ an abstract LOUISIANA CRAWFISH (thumbnail) TROPICAL FISH COLORS (thumbnail) SEA OTTER II (thumbnail) MOOSE STUDY  (thumbnail) BEAR CATCH (thumbnail) DANCE of the KOI by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) GREAT WHITE EGRET 2013 (thumbnail) TOBIANO INDIAN WAR HORSE (thumbnail) BLUE HERON BAYOU (thumbnail) BREAKING DAWN ~ Indian War Horse (thumbnail) BRAVEHEARTS Indian War Horses (thumbnail) BRAVEHEART WARRIOR Indian War Horse (thumbnail) CYPRESS TREE BAYOU & EGRET (thumbnail) THE MIDNIGHT SUN BRAVEHEART (thumbnail) STARDUST 3624 (thumbnail) BLUE JAY PASTEL (thumbnail) WOLF in PASTEL (thumbnail) MACAW PAIR 2412 (thumbnail) SERENITY Great Blue Herons of Florida (thumbnail) GREAT WHITE EGRET 6036 (thumbnail)
LIONFISH 3624 (large view)
An original oil painting of a lionfish by Marcia Baldwin
24" H x 36" W