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BLUE ANGEL EQUINE (thumbnail) BUCKSKIN FRIENDS (thumbnail) INDIAN WAR HORSE FEARLESS (thumbnail) THE NOBEL EQUINE (thumbnail) INDIAN WAR HORSE ~ BLAZE (thumbnail) WILD STORM Abstract Horse (thumbnail) ETERNAL BOND Equine (thumbnail) 5 FEATHERS INDIAN WAR HORSE (thumbnail) MIDNIGHT RUN EQUINE (thumbnail) SUN RISING INDIAN WAR HORSE (thumbnail) THE DRIFTER ~ INDIAN WAR HORSE (thumbnail) STARDUST 3624 (thumbnail) THE MIDNIGHT SUN BRAVEHEART (thumbnail) FOUR WILD MUSTANGS (thumbnail) 3 WILD APPALOOSA HORSES (thumbnail) GYPSY VANNER HORSES EBONY & IVORY (thumbnail) HEART TWINS EQUINE (thumbnail) COLOR my world with HORSES (thumbnail) THE MUSTANGS 2424 (thumbnail) BLUE THUNDER RUN (thumbnail) EQUINE ANGEL (thumbnail) BLUE DREAMER EQUUS (thumbnail) BRAVEHEART WARRIOR Indian War Horse (thumbnail) BREAKING DAWN ~ Indian War Horse (thumbnail) SPIRIT THUNDER INDIAN WAR HORSE (thumbnail) SPIRIT INDIAN WAR HORSES DOULEY & NORTON (thumbnail) BUCKSKIN BRONCO 3024 (thumbnail) MIDNIGHT RIDE Indian War Horse (thumbnail) WILD TRIO RUN MUSTANGS (thumbnail) WIND of THUNDER INDIAN WAR HORSE (thumbnail) MAGIC MOMENTS EQUINE (thumbnail) An original oil painting by Marcia Baldwin, titled "FREE BREEZE PALOMINO WILD" (thumbnail) BRAVEHEARTS Indian War Horses (thumbnail) THE BAY (thumbnail) AZURE RUN EQUINE (thumbnail) MY GYPSY VANNER THRILL (thumbnail) BLAZING MANE GOLDEN PALOMINO (thumbnail) TOBIANO INDIAN WAR HORSE (thumbnail) RED STALLION II (thumbnail) STORMS CALM (thumbnail) APPALOOSA INDIAN WAR HORSE (thumbnail) APPALOOSA INDIAN WAR HORSE (thumbnail) THUNDERBOLT MUSTANG (thumbnail) GYPSY VANNER in BLUE (thumbnail) BRAVE ~ the INDIAN WAR HORSE (thumbnail) STARBRIGHT PALOMINO (thumbnail) BUCKSKIN WILD (thumbnail) MYSTIC POWER EQUINE ABSTRACT (thumbnail) THE MEETING (thumbnail) MOHICAN the INDIAN WAR PONY (thumbnail) MOONLIGHT APPPALOOSA (thumbnail) THE STALLION PRANCE (thumbnail) RED THUNDER INDIAN WAR HORSE (thumbnail) MOONSTRUCK BLUE APPY (thumbnail) KINDRED SOULS EQUINE  (thumbnail) ZORRO the GYPSY VANNER COMMISSIONED ORIGINAL OIL PAINTING by ARTIST MARCIA BALDWIN (thumbnail) ALLURE ARABIAN ABSTRACT HORSE EQUINE ART ORIGINAL OIL PAINTING by MARCIA BALDWIN (thumbnail) BLUE ROAN MUSTANG (thumbnail) GOLDEN GYPSY VANNER BY M BALDWIN (thumbnail) CHASING STORMS EQUINE ABSTRACT  (thumbnail) DANCE of the WILD ONE (thumbnail) THUNDER MAGIC (thumbnail) CAPTURED WILD STALLION (thumbnail) SUN & SHADOW HORSES ORIGINAL OIL PAINTING EQUINE ART by MARCIA BALDWIN (thumbnail) BLUE MANE EVENT EQUINE ABSTRACT ORIGINAL OIL PAINTING by MARCIA BALDWIN (thumbnail) 3 WILD ONES ~ EQUINE ART ORIGINAL  (thumbnail) WHITE THUNDER EQUINE  (thumbnail) GYPSY VANNER MOTION ~ a painterly sketch in oils by MARCIA BALDWIN ~ FINE ART ORIGINALS (thumbnail) GYPSY VANNER MODERN ABSTRACT (thumbnail) SPIRITS THREE EQUINE ART  (thumbnail) DREAM ANDALUSIAN ~ Equine Art Original Oil Painting 36 x 24 by MARCIA BALDWIN (thumbnail) COMPANIONS EQUINE ART (thumbnail) DARK HORSE ~ Equine Art Original Horse Painting LARGE 36 x 24 by MARCIA BALDWIN (thumbnail) APPALOOSA INDIAN WAR PONY (thumbnail) ABSTRACT BLUE EQUINE ORIGINAL OIL PAINTING 28 x 22 by MARCIA BALDWIN (thumbnail) HORSE ANGEL NO 1 (thumbnail) EQUUS BLUE GHOST (thumbnail) TRIO EQUUS  (thumbnail) APPALOOSA WARRIOR ~ EQUINE ART by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) LIKE THE WIND ~ EQUINE ART ORIGINAL OIL PAINTING 28x22 by MARCIA BALDWIN (thumbnail) WARRIOR SPIRITS TWO an ORIGINAL OIL PAINTING 30x30 by MARCIA BALDWIN (thumbnail) SPIRIT INDIAN WARRIOR PONY ~ ORIGINAL EQUINE OIL PAINTING by MARCIA BALDWIN 36x24 (thumbnail) 4 FEATHERS INDIAN WAR PONY original oil painting 36x24 by MARCIA BALDWIN (thumbnail) INDIAN WAR HORSE SETTING SUN ~ ORIGINAL OIL PAINTING 30 X 24 by MARCIA BALDWIN (thumbnail) ARABIAN SUNRISE  (thumbnail) MUSTANG WIND (thumbnail) BRIGHT DAY EQUINE (thumbnail) FLAME ARABIAN ~ EQUINE ART (thumbnail) BLUE THUNDER WAR PONY (thumbnail) BLUE GHOST EQUINE ART by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) DREAMSCAPE FREISIAN EQUINE ORIGINAL by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) INDIAN WAR HORSE GOLDEN SUN  (thumbnail) THREE GOLDENS (thumbnail) WHITE CLOUD the ANDALUSIAN STALLION by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) RAMBO EQUINE (thumbnail) GYPSY VANNER ROGUE (thumbnail) OUT of the BLUE EQUUS by M BALDWIN Original OIl 54 x 36 (thumbnail) APACHE the WAR PONY an ORIGINAL EQUINE OIL PAINTING 30x24 by M BALDWIN ~ HORSE ART (thumbnail) MUSTANG APPALOOSA by M BALDWIN ~ EQUINE ARTIST (thumbnail) INDIAN WAR PONY by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) INDIAN WAR PONY settingSun Equine Art Original oil by M Baldwin (thumbnail) GOLDEN GRACE the ANDALUSIAN ~ EQUINE ORIGINAL by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) MANE EVENT III BRAVEHEART the FRIESIAN by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) DETERMINATION ~ EQUINE ART ORIGINAL by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) EVERGREEN WIND the ANDALUSIAN by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) CONCERNED ~ EQUINE ART by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) ARABIAN ABSTRACT by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) FRIEND to FRIEND EQUINE ART by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) WILD TRIO EQUINE (thumbnail) BOLD ~ ORIG OIL 20 X 10 EQUINE ART by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) UNTAMED SPIRIT by M BALDWIN ~ EQUINE ART ORIGINAL (thumbnail) APPALOOSA SPIRIT ~ 36x18 by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) INDIAN WAR PONY by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) STORMY 2 ~ AN EQUINE ABSTRACT (thumbnail) WILD WEST MUSTANG ABSTRACT by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) COWBOY the Gypsy Vanner Horse by M Baldwin (thumbnail) MANE EVENT ~ An Equine Abstract by M Baldwin (thumbnail) POWER EQUINE ART ABSTRACT ORIGINAL OIL by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) TWO SPIRITS ~ SOUTHWEST EQUINE ABSTRACT (thumbnail) THE BRAVE by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) Spirit Eagle (thumbnail) Spirit Thunder (thumbnail) Spirit Shadow (thumbnail) THUNDER WIND ~An Equine Abstract (thumbnail) THE BEAUTY by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) NUZZLE 2 ~  MINI ORIGINAL OIL by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) THUNDER 24 ~ ORIGINAL OIL ~ 24x24 by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) DREAM CATCHER ~ EQUINE ABSTRACT (thumbnail) FRIENDS (thumbnail) THE DREAMERS ~ EQUINE ART by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) STALLION SOUTHWEST by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) SOUTHWEST ABSTRACT HORSE by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) THE BOLD ~ equine art by M Baldwin (thumbnail) POWER OF SIX by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) POWERFUL by M BALDWIN ~ JULY 20TH (thumbnail) GOLDEN EQUINE ABSTRACT by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) MARE & STALLION (thumbnail) STALLION (thumbnail) MY GYPSY by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) WILD MUSTANGS (thumbnail) ABSTRACT EQUINE THREE (thumbnail) 3 MUSTANGS by M BALDWIN ~ MAY 14 (thumbnail) EQUINE POWER ~ by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) GOLDEN SOLITUDE (thumbnail) SPIRIT THUNDER ~ Equine Art Original (thumbnail) MUNCHIES (thumbnail) LITTLE WARRIOR PONY (thumbnail) BLUE MOON (thumbnail) WARRIORS 2 (thumbnail) SOUTHWEST SPIRIT HORSES (thumbnail) WARRIORS (thumbnail) WIND (thumbnail) EQUUS BOLD & FREE (thumbnail) RUNNING FREE (thumbnail) THREE HORSE RUN (thumbnail) ARABIANS SOUTHWEST (thumbnail) WESTERN RUN (thumbnail) Two White Horses (thumbnail) ABSTRACT STALLION (thumbnail) SPIRIT EQUINE EYE (thumbnail) SPIRIT V (thumbnail) SUNKISSED (thumbnail) MUSTANGS III (thumbnail) SPIRIT ARABIAN (thumbnail) Spirit Wind (thumbnail) Fjord - Spirit Regal (thumbnail) Spirit Thunder II (thumbnail) Spirit Sun (thumbnail) Spirit The Bay and The Silver (thumbnail) POWER of FIVE by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) MUSTANG POWER WILD by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) THE BAY STALLION by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) THREE PINTO INDIAN PONIES (thumbnail) THE BLUE ROAN by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) STORMY an Equine Abstract (thumbnail) The Bay Stallion 2008 (thumbnail) EQUINE NIGHT GLOW by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) ABSTRACT HORSE in BLUE (thumbnail) My Friesian Beauty (thumbnail) APPALOOSA ~ EQUINE ART ORIGINAL (thumbnail) DESERT STORM EQUINE ABSTRACT (thumbnail) MIDNIGHT RUN (thumbnail) LIPIZZANER (thumbnail) GENTLE SPIRITS EQUINE ART (thumbnail) FRIESIAN NIGHT ~ OIL ~ ORIGINAL by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) WIND RUNNER ~ EQUINE ART by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) WIND DANCER~ EQUINE ART by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) EQUUS 2 by M BALDWIN ~ 18 X 18 ORIGINAL OIL (thumbnail) GYPSY VANNER DREAM by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) MIDNIGHTS RUN ~ EQUINE ORIGINAL by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) GYPSY VANNER STALLION by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) SPIRIT EAGLE by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) STALLION RED DAWN (thumbnail) WILD WEST BUCKSKIN (thumbnail) MADDIE the HORSE ANGEL (thumbnail) BLUE NIGHT ABSTRACT EQUINE (thumbnail) PALOMINO FRIENDS 12 X 12 (thumbnail) MAY WATERBABY EQUINE (thumbnail) SHOWTIME ARABIAN (thumbnail) RESTING (thumbnail) FOREVER FRIENDS EQUINE (thumbnail) EQUUS 2 by M BALDWIN ~ 18 X 18 ORIGINAL OIL (thumbnail) GYPSY VANNER WIND (thumbnail) EQUUS MOONLIGHT RUN (thumbnail) SUN BUCKSKIN INDIAN WAR HORSE (thumbnail) THREE SPIRITS EQUINE (thumbnail) THE BRAVE ONES Indian War Horses (thumbnail) SUN MOON STARS Indian War Horses (thumbnail) GYPSY VANNER BATIK WATERCOLOR (thumbnail) FRIENDSHIP EQUINE ABSTRACT (thumbnail) LOVING SPIRITS ~ Color My World with Horses (thumbnail) INDIAN WAR HORSE STAR (thumbnail) THUNDER APPALOOSA Indian War Horse (thumbnail) MUSTANG RUN 3630 (thumbnail) BUCKSKIN BLUES (thumbnail)
BLUE ANGEL EQUINE (large view)

24" H x 24" W