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SUNFLOWER SUNSHINE (thumbnail) Beneath the Golden Poppies (thumbnail) RED POPPY ONE (thumbnail) POPPY SPLENDOR (thumbnail) SUNFLOWER RISE 'n SHINE ~ ORIGINAL OIL PAINTING 36"X18" by MARCIA BALDWIN (thumbnail) PURPLE IRIS ABSTRACT (thumbnail) HOLLAND TULIP AWAKENING (thumbnail) SUNFLOWER SEPTEMBER 2012 (thumbnail) LOTUS (thumbnail) Abstract Poppies (thumbnail) SUNFLOWER DANCE (thumbnail) HEART of a red POPPY (thumbnail) TRIPLE SUNNY SUNFLOWERS  (thumbnail) THE POPPIES a FLORAL ABSTRACT in RED (thumbnail) SUNFLOWER & BUTTERFLY (thumbnail) GOLDEN POPPY ABSTRACT (thumbnail) PURPLE IRIS WILDFLOWER (thumbnail) Freshly Picked Purple Iris  (thumbnail) HIBISCUS FLAME ~ FLORAL ABSTRACT OIL PAINTING by MARCIA BALDWIN (thumbnail) SUNFLOWER SUNBURST (thumbnail) POPPY FIELD 36 ~ An original oil painting 36"x12" By MARCIA BALDWIN (thumbnail) RED POPPY SPLASH (thumbnail) SUNFLOWERS & VINES ORIGINAL OIL PAINTING by MARCIA BALDWIN 36 X 24 GALLERY CANVAS (thumbnail) LILY POND & KOI ABSTRACT ~ BLUE ART ORIGINAL OIL PAINTING by MARCIA BALDWIN (thumbnail) RED AMARYLLIS ABSTRACT 36x24 by MARCIA BALDWIN (thumbnail) SEAGRASS & SHADOWS (thumbnail) PEONY on RED an ORIGINAL OIL PAINTING 24x18 by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) RED FLORAL ABSTRACT 24x24 ORIGINAL OIL PAINTING by MARCIA BALDWIN (thumbnail) GOLDEN POPPY ABSTRACT by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) THE PALM  (thumbnail) The RED PEONY by M Baldwin (thumbnail) FUCHSIA FLORAL ABSTRACT by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) BIRD of PARADISE 3612 (thumbnail) POPPIES TRIPLE by M BALDWIN a FLORAL ABSTRACT in RED (thumbnail) SUNFLOWER SUN PETALS by M BALDWIN ORIGINAL OIL 36x24 (thumbnail) WATERLILY POND 24 (thumbnail) SUNFLOWER in JULY by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) TAHITIAN HIBISCUS (thumbnail) ORIGINAL POPPY ART by M BALDWIN 20X10 OIL (thumbnail) REMEMBER ME ~ POPPY (thumbnail) DANCE of the POPPIES by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) LOUISIANA WILD IRIS by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) IRIS ABSTRACT ~ OIL ~ 20x20 (thumbnail) WATERLILY 3 by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) A SINGLE POPPY  30x24 oil (thumbnail) SUNFLOWER DUO (thumbnail) SUNFLOWERS 3 (thumbnail) POPPY LOVE AFFAIR (thumbnail) POPPIES by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) TWO MAGNOLIAS on RED by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) CHRISTMAS POINSETTIA by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) LIVING SINGLE SUNFLOWER 2 by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) LIVING SINGLE ~ SUNFLOWER by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) SUNFLOWER LOVE ~ by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) RAINBOW HYDRANGEA (thumbnail) RED DAZZLE (thumbnail) REMEMBRANCE (thumbnail) Red Thrill (thumbnail) Geraniums Red (thumbnail) Red Peony (thumbnail) Red Dahlia Sunlit (thumbnail) Poppy Punch (thumbnail) Yellow Poppy Abstract (thumbnail) California Poppies (thumbnail) Tiger Lily (thumbnail) Sunflower (thumbnail) Pink Waterlily (thumbnail) Gerber Daisy One (thumbnail) Parrot Tulips (thumbnail) AMARYLLIS (thumbnail) My Garden Path (thumbnail) POPPY RED POPPY (thumbnail) SOUTHERN MAGNOLIA V (thumbnail) SUMMERTIME II (thumbnail) YELLOW (thumbnail) DAHLIA TWO (thumbnail) RED HIBISCUS III (thumbnail) RED POPPIES II (thumbnail) AMARYLLIS 06 (thumbnail) WHITE DAISY II (thumbnail) SUNFLOWERS in a TUSCAN VASE (thumbnail) Pink Gerbera Daisy (thumbnail) Pretty In Pink ~ A New Abstract Floral (thumbnail) PRETTY POPPIES (thumbnail) My Garden Hibiscus (thumbnail) SUNFLOWER DAWNING (thumbnail) RED DAHLIA by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) PURPLE IRIS ABSTRACT (thumbnail) DAHLIA LOVE by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) RED GERANIUMS 1620 by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) SOUTHERN MAGNOLIAS by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) BIRD of PARADISE by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) TWO WATERLILIES (thumbnail) SUNFLOWER 1818 615 (thumbnail) MAGNOLIAS (thumbnail) WHITE DAISY (thumbnail) RAINBOW HIBISCUS (thumbnail) TUSCANY SUNFLOWERS II (thumbnail) PINK LILY (thumbnail) Golden Red (thumbnail) WHITE DAISY (thumbnail) SUMMERTIME (thumbnail) A BRIGHT DAY (thumbnail) SUMMER (thumbnail) Poppy Grand (thumbnail) Poppy Happiness (thumbnail) Sunflower (thumbnail) WILD POPPIES (thumbnail) SUNFLOWERS 36 (thumbnail) SWEET MAGNOLIAS by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) SINGLE RED DAISY ~ by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) RED DESIRE ~ POPPY ABSTRACT (thumbnail) BIRD of PARADISE24 (thumbnail) ORANGE DAHLIA (thumbnail) LOUISIANA WILD IRIS ABSTRACT (thumbnail) RED POPPY ABSTRACT 3024 (thumbnail) POPPY FIELDS FOREVER 36X12 (thumbnail) Poppy O Three by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) SWEET LOTUS  by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) BELOVED RED LILY by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) PINK PEONY 30 by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) BIRD of PARADISE (thumbnail) POPPY SPLASH ~ by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) 9 KOI & 2 LOTUS by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) GREEN FERN ABSTRACT 30X24 ORIGINAL OIL (thumbnail) FROG POND & KOI by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) PINK CALLA LILY (thumbnail) GREEN HYDRANGEA STILL LIFE (thumbnail) WATERLILIES & KOI 2420 (thumbnail) NEW DAY SUNFLOWER (thumbnail) TROPICAL ABSTRACT by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) IRIS & WATERLILIES by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) SUNFLOWER 30 (thumbnail) SUNFLOWER SMILES ~ by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) GOLDEN POND KOI  2 ~ by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) GOLDEN POND KOI ~ by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) CHANGE of SEASONS SW (thumbnail) AMARYLLIS TRIO by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) GRACE CALLA LILY by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) Quiet Time By M Baldwin (thumbnail) NEW ORLEANS BALCONY & VINES (thumbnail) WATERLILY & BUD ~Abstract Technique By M (thumbnail) BLUE HYDRANGEA CASCADING (thumbnail) SHUTTERS & VINES by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) EIGHT POPPIES by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) ELEGANT CALLALILY (thumbnail) POPPY FIELD of JOY (thumbnail) RED GERBERA DAISY STEM (thumbnail) SERENITY by M BALDWIN ~ MAY 3 (thumbnail) REFLECTIONS on A WATERLILY POND (thumbnail) TIGERLILY (thumbnail) POPPY DANCE (thumbnail) WHITE PEONY & RED (thumbnail) TULIP ABSTRACT ~ 36 (thumbnail) RED GERBERA JANUARY (thumbnail) POPPY THREE (thumbnail) SPRING PEONY (thumbnail) PRETTY PANSIES (thumbnail) BATIK LILY (thumbnail) PEONY IN BLUE (thumbnail) GERBERA DAISY 28 (thumbnail) WHITE DAISY PRISM (thumbnail) POINSETTIA BATIK (thumbnail) THE RED DAHLIA (thumbnail) A TUSCANY WINDOW (thumbnail) LOVE LOVE (thumbnail) SIMPLICITY (thumbnail) VIOLETS (thumbnail) SUNFLOWERS 06 (thumbnail) BLUE HYDRANGEA (thumbnail) DEVINE (thumbnail) FLOWER POTS (thumbnail) RED DAISY IV (thumbnail) TULIP BLOSSOM ABSTRACT (thumbnail) FLAME POPPY ABSTRACT (thumbnail) SUNFLOWER 2006 (thumbnail) THE PALEST DAHLIA (thumbnail) SUNFLOWER ONE (thumbnail) DANCING DAISIES (thumbnail) PINK GERBERA DAISIES (thumbnail) TULIP SWAY (thumbnail) FIREPOPPY (thumbnail) THE RED POPPIES (thumbnail) Glowing Lotus (thumbnail) Abstract Poppy (thumbnail) Red Geraniums (thumbnail) SUMMER'S NIGHT SUNFLOWER (thumbnail) NEW DAY SUNFLOWER (thumbnail) BRILLIANT POPPY (thumbnail) COLOR of LOVE PURPLE IRIS ABSTRACT (thumbnail) HAPPINESS KOI DANCE (thumbnail) HIBISCUS TRIO (thumbnail) BLESSED DAY BOP (thumbnail)

30" H x 30" W x 2" D    Weight 5 lb