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THE CRUISER (thumbnail) JAZZ PIANO ABSTRACT by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) THE WISE ONE BUFFALO (thumbnail) BLAZING MANE GOLDEN PALOMINO (thumbnail) PAINTED PONY ABSTRACT in PASTEL (thumbnail) MANE EVENT ~ An Equine Abstract by M Baldwin (thumbnail) ABSTRACT CELLOS 16x16 OIL PAINTING MUSIC SERIES by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) GRAND PIANO MUSIC ABSTRACT (thumbnail) ABSTRACT GUITAR 2020 ORIGINAL OIL PAINTING MUSIC by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) EQUINE FRIENDS of GOLD (thumbnail) MARTINI BAR ~ FINE ART BATIK by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) GOLDEN ESSENCE EQUINE original oil painting 24x20 by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) Swish Swirl Koi (thumbnail) ALLURE ARABIAN ABSTRACT HORSE EQUINE ART ORIGINAL OIL PAINTING by MARCIA BALDWIN (thumbnail) SUNFLOWER in JULY by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) TROPICAL ABSTRACT by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) STALLION SOUTHWEST by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) BIRD of PARADISE 3612 (thumbnail) SOUTHWEST ABSTRACT HORSE by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) TWO SPIRITS ~ SOUTHWEST EQUINE ABSTRACT (thumbnail) PURPLE IRIS ABSTRACT (thumbnail) BLUE LAGOON KOI by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) THE BRAVE by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) ABSTRACT OLD TREE (thumbnail) SPIRIT EQUINE EYE (thumbnail) THE COVE (thumbnail) ABSTRACT BOAT (thumbnail) EQUUS (thumbnail) BUTTERFLY ABSTRACT (thumbnail) INTO THE LIGHT ~ A NEW ORIGINAL FEB 15 b (thumbnail) EQUINE ABSTRACT BEYOND by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) BATIK PEARS 01 (thumbnail) THE POWERFUL ~ AN EQUINE ABSTRACT by M B (thumbnail) VENICE IN BLUE ~ AN ORIGINAL OIL by M BA (thumbnail) 3 Horse Abstract SW by M Baldwin (thumbnail) BIRD of PARADISE (thumbnail) BATIK EQUINE ABSTRACT ~ POWERFUL by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) RED POPPY ABSTRACT 3024 (thumbnail) RED EVENING CYPRESS ~ ONE of THREE (thumbnail) KOI SWIRL COPPER ~ AN ABSTRACT (thumbnail) SPRINGTIME ABSTRACT 30x30 ORIGINAL OIL (thumbnail) ABSTRACT HORSE in BLUE (thumbnail) STORMY an Equine Abstract (thumbnail) SOUTHWEST ABSTRACT MUSTANGS (thumbnail) SPIRITS SOAR ~ AN ABSTRACT by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) RED DESIRE ~ POPPY ABSTRACT (thumbnail) HE is the VINE II ~ by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) BLUE LAGOON KOI 3 by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) GOLDEN LAGOON KOI by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) ABSTRACT GARDEN BULBS (thumbnail) THUNDER WIND ~An Equine Abstract (thumbnail) JAZZ PIANO by M BALDWIN (thumbnail) ABSTRACT EQUINE THREE (thumbnail) STORMY 2 ~ AN EQUINE ABSTRACT (thumbnail) EQUINE ABSTRACT BLUE FOUR (thumbnail) THUNDER ROLLS ~ EQUINE ABSTRACT (thumbnail) Pretty In Pink ~ A New Abstract Floral (thumbnail) Beneath the Golden Poppies (thumbnail) MIDNIGHTSUN ~AN ORIGINAL BATIK ON CANVAS (thumbnail) SON OF MIDNIGHTSUN (thumbnail) AUTUMN BRANCH (thumbnail) THUNDER II (thumbnail) MUSTANG STAMPEDE (thumbnail) TULIP BLOSSOM ABSTRACT (thumbnail) AUTUMN TREE (thumbnail) BUTTERFLY ABSTRACT (thumbnail) SPIRIT V (thumbnail) TULIP ABSTRACT (thumbnail) RED DAZZLE (thumbnail) REMEMBRANCE (thumbnail) Abstract Poppy (thumbnail) Yellow Poppy Abstract (thumbnail) OLE TEX LONGHORN (thumbnail) STORMS CALM (thumbnail) SEAGRASS ABSTRACT (thumbnail) PURPLE IRIS ABSTRACT (thumbnail) POWER LONGHORN (thumbnail) PURPLE HEART Tree of Life (thumbnail) RED POPPY ONE (thumbnail) AZURE RUN EQUINE (thumbnail) THE BAY (thumbnail) WILD POPPY ABSTRACT (thumbnail) MAGIC MOMENTS EQUINE (thumbnail) MIDNIGHT RIDE Indian War Horse (thumbnail) TIMBER WOLF ABSTRACT (thumbnail) BUCKSKIN BRONCO 3024 (thumbnail) COLOR of LOVE PURPLE IRIS ABSTRACT (thumbnail) PEACOCK ABSTRACT (thumbnail) BLUE DREAMER EQUUS (thumbnail) BLUE THUNDER RUN (thumbnail) WAITING on the CALM (thumbnail) SUN MOON STARS Indian War Horses (thumbnail) POPPY SPLENDOR (thumbnail) BLUE ANGEL EQUINE (thumbnail) GYPSY VANNER BATIK WATERCOLOR (thumbnail)
THE CRUISER (large view)

18" H x 18" W